Monday, July 4, 2016

Adventure in Seattle: Chihuly Glass Garden

I only had a few days in Seattle so had to be pretty selective when it came to sightseeing. The Chihuly Glass Garden was at the top of my list and didn't disappoint. For those not familiar, Chihuly is a glass artist. He started blowing glass himself and then lost an eye so now paints the creations for his staff to carry out. He's had works all over the world and as you see the photos, you may recognize the style and remember seeing something like it somewhere yourself.

The museum and garden is parked at the bottom of the Seattle Space Needle, which provided some interesting photos. It was another gorgeous June day. Enjoy!

The Seattle icon itself - and such a clear day.

Amazing piece combining the glass sculptures with neon lighting.

The underwater room (or under sea room?) Doesn't this piece remind you of Ursula from the little mermaid?
The detail on these pieces was just amazing - we wanted to reach out and touch them. (not allowed of course!!)
The indoor garden - a whole room full of pieces that mimic a garden. Then you contrast this with the garden and sculptures outside - pretty incredible.

Chandeliers - you'd need some strong support beams for these babies - they're huge!

My favorite shot from the atrium with the space needle in the background.
The outdoor gardens were amazing, but unfortunately, the photos just don't do it justice. This is my best one. So creative.

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